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So I found my covers.


I talked to Shannon at GAD. She is very helpful I would recommend her to anyone.


long weekend.


So Wy boy is 3! He should not be that big. He is a sweet boy, I have a hard time thinking that I was so up set when I found out I was pg with him.

We BBQ’ed here and that is never a small thing, not a grill out but a 12 to 14 hrs setting up with the cooker. The Piggy Monster will hold 48 Boston butts, about 300 lbs of meat, after that is off and wrapped and in the coolers its time for 16 whole chickens. So that is the normal thing but this weekend it was as I said Wys birthday, and Easter. That mean we fed people… My 1st grown up party.. married 10 yrs and that was my 1st time as hostess, but all and all I think it was a great time.

Em is in soccer in R’ville 2 or 3 times a week now, so I am on the road back and forth, she loves it so I will not complain about the bitter cold yesterday. She also is bugging for a ladybug to spin on. I guess I am off to see if that would be good for a 10 yr old.

With all this going on I have not sat down to spin, but she has and loves it. I have started on a shawl something I can leave in the car when I am waiting for her at school or soccer, when ever I get a moment.

My mammo came back clean, but I am still hurting. I will see my doc on Tuesday and we will see what to do now. I also did the ultrasound on my leg and it has reflux. causing my varicose veins. We will also find out what I need to do over that. I am just falling apart! It sucks. I am to young to be doing this.

I guess that is pretty much that I have done in the last week. Other then the dream I had. For some reason I feel like I need to wright it out story wise. All I really remember there was a bomb that went off, and the heroin though she lost her kids and husband in it, and a evil dude has an obsession over her. I will work it out as I have kinda day dreamed over it all day. Strange I know.

Ouch my Fingers.


In 3 days time I have spun 3 batts. I have not plyed yet but I am having a ball. I think W will end up being my fiber nutty boy. Every time I get up he wants to set down and is pedal. Pedal momma. he is a cute kid if I do say so myself.

I still never got Simon, the wrap. Its been over a month and the lady I got him from has been very slow about responding. Booo… Ikd I guess that has done it for buying off open fourms. OH well it to it awhile to get bit blech… sucks. Idk if it was her or the post.

Ups and Downs.


That has been today. Peaks and vallys.

Mom called and said I had a box at the post office and should she go get it? Yes Yes get it I hope its my new Spinning Wheel. Majacraft Rose. She comes in a bit with the best thing to happen to me all day. My wheel it’s home! Yay. I get it set up and got a few good minutes on it.

Ok this is the fregging 2 time. So here is my appt to day. He found a lump where I have been hurting and I am going to bed I am to upset to post anymore. I have had this up for a while and not getting anything done.

Snow Snow and more…


PhotobucketI get up today with this out my front door. Come on its March. I am not a snow person.

Then my Dad and B had to go play. I really dont know who is the bigger kid. B, dad or my kids!!! It is a M151 A2 Military Jeep that they restored a few yrs ago. The start of, go to town I need spray paint. Oh that little house, that WILL be my craft house one day hehehe… the lady that owns it is going to let me have 1st dibs… In my daydreaming state I plan that house out, canning/dying kitchen, Weaving, Embroidery own office. Oh

I got some of my yarn up on my site woohooo! LOL it goes live Monday at 12 est. If anyone is reading this check out shop with me. I am to lazy to link it ha.

That has pretty much been my day, I was going to have a *me* day but the spa called and said they where not going to be open. I just wanted somthing to do before I saw the Doc Monday afternoon. I am worried as I still hurt, both in my chest and leg. The leg not so much as the chest, I mean it can not be in anymore of the same spot as Mom had her cancer at. I am really trying not to worry. But I can’t help it.

In Like a Lion

It that what March is? The weather man is calling for up to 6 inches of snow! The school system called off school today and I have tryed to dye today, that is a fun thing with 3 kids under foot. I have them up drying (yarn not kids).
Wy got in to the fish food and over fed them. I guess this happended yesterday as when I walked in to Em’s room the stinch was overpowering. So we have no more fish tonight and Em is not happy over it. I guess I am going to Petsmart soon.
B, packed this in today. I will tell you the are Chucks. Do you know what is on them?

I thought this was way to cute to pass up. Buster the Cat and WyWy.

Yay, Good Mail Day.


So today was a pretty good mail day.

I got mine… er Cole’s newest Wild Child Woolies Soaker.

I also got my undyed yarn woohoo… can we guess what I am doing tomorrow. I open the on line store Monday and have not done anything I feel like a looser over it.
And an Email that said my Rose is on her way to me! She is state side! woohoo !!! Now if my wrap would show up that would be great.

Tara, sent me this link from the local paper… it was to good not to pass on. Now do I leave it up for B to read.. hahah.

BOTH boys got up at 2am.. what was up with that?!? Wy, I guess got up to go potty but was ready to play and not go back down after. He managed to get me and B up he kinda roamed the house. Poor Cole can’t breath with the funk he still had so he was up in the Babyhawk most of the night, meaning I have walked the house.

I kinda feel like I am leaving Emily out in everything. She is on me to buy her a Ladybug to learn to spin on. How cool is that. She is a good kid. She is doing Soccer at the Parks and Rec and having a ball doing it. I need to get some pic’s of her playing she is so little compared to the rest of the kids.

I did weigh myself woohoo 8lbs in 4 wks. I am excited over that still have a way to go but hey that is a start.