I did this over a yr ago


Starting a blog…. but it’s floating empty in cyberspace, as I did neglect it. So here I am going to try a second time.

I am a Mother to three great fun and quirky kids ranging from 10 yrs to 10 month old. I work with my mother who is my bestfriend. I really do talk to her many times in a day.

I am going to try to keep up with things that are going on here in my small life. So some days it will be cloth diapers on the line, other work (home embroidery biz) and my crochet, knitting then spinning. I am really looking to learning the last. Spinning and weaving have been something that I have been wanting to get in to for as long as I can remember. So this year I took the plunge and bought a Majacraft Rose. So tell me why I don’t have problems buying a Happy muti head embroidery machine but a wheel too some guts to buy?

Yes my babies are cloth diapered babies, but I don’t think of my self as a *Green* or* Crunch* momma. There is something about a bebe in cloth that spoise can not touch. LOL

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