Snow Snow and more…


PhotobucketI get up today with this out my front door. Come on its March. I am not a snow person.

Then my Dad and B had to go play. I really dont know who is the bigger kid. B, dad or my kids!!! It is a M151 A2 Military Jeep that they restored a few yrs ago. The start of, go to town I need spray paint. Oh that little house, that WILL be my craft house one day hehehe… the lady that owns it is going to let me have 1st dibs… In my daydreaming state I plan that house out, canning/dying kitchen, Weaving, Embroidery own office. Oh

I got some of my yarn up on my site woohooo! LOL it goes live Monday at 12 est. If anyone is reading this check out shop with me. I am to lazy to link it ha.

That has pretty much been my day, I was going to have a *me* day but the spa called and said they where not going to be open. I just wanted somthing to do before I saw the Doc Monday afternoon. I am worried as I still hurt, both in my chest and leg. The leg not so much as the chest, I mean it can not be in anymore of the same spot as Mom had her cancer at. I am really trying not to worry. But I can’t help it.

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