long weekend.


So Wy boy is 3! He should not be that big. He is a sweet boy, I have a hard time thinking that I was so up set when I found out I was pg with him.

We BBQ’ed here and that is never a small thing, not a grill out but a 12 to 14 hrs setting up with the cooker. The Piggy Monster will hold 48 Boston butts, about 300 lbs of meat, after that is off and wrapped and in the coolers its time for 16 whole chickens. So that is the normal thing but this weekend it was as I said Wys birthday, and Easter. That mean we fed people… My 1st grown up party.. married 10 yrs and that was my 1st time as hostess, but all and all I think it was a great time.

Em is in soccer in R’ville 2 or 3 times a week now, so I am on the road back and forth, she loves it so I will not complain about the bitter cold yesterday. She also is bugging for a ladybug to spin on. I guess I am off to see if that would be good for a 10 yr old.

With all this going on I have not sat down to spin, but she has and loves it. I have started on a shawl something I can leave in the car when I am waiting for her at school or soccer, when ever I get a moment.

My mammo came back clean, but I am still hurting. I will see my doc on Tuesday and we will see what to do now. I also did the ultrasound on my leg and it has reflux. causing my varicose veins. We will also find out what I need to do over that. I am just falling apart! It sucks. I am to young to be doing this.

I guess that is pretty much that I have done in the last week. Other then the dream I had. For some reason I feel like I need to wright it out story wise. All I really remember there was a bomb that went off, and the heroin though she lost her kids and husband in it, and a evil dude has an obsession over her. I will work it out as I have kinda day dreamed over it all day. Strange I know.

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