Monthly Archives: June 2008

See I told you.


I suck at this!

So my life in a nut shell.

C is one ! wow where has this past year gone? I was thinking tonight this time last yr I was not even sure he would be with me today. He is a happy little dude, and very very spunky. If you know me from baby boards you know he is my frat boy.

That is why I am posting, he is keeping me up. I feel sorry for the little guy. He had his chicken pox vax and he now has a pretty good out break of it. He is so itchy he can’t get comfy and is tossing and turing.

I had surgery on my leg and I am wondering if I did the right thing. It hurts as bad now as before and I have scars to deal with now. My doc said everything looked great, but I don’t know it might look good but it HURTS darn it.

E is out for summer and she and W are driving me nutty. I hate to say that but one picks on the other to get (s)he in trouble.

The one good thing it have found the mother of all bags Yay!


It is a Namaste knitting tote, but this puppy is a great bag. I can get 2 diapers, wet bag 2 sippy cups a snacktrap, mommy stuff, and have a bunch of room left. I will be getting one for my yarn LOL

I will get some of my spinning up later at 1:30 am its not the best time for photo shoot, and that and I know C will wake up and be ready for momma to hold him.