The non graceful runner


I have never been graceful, since I was a small child with very horrid  vision and chronic ear infections. Mother always said she hated to take me in public as I was so bruised. This set me up to be a non sports player or athlete in anyway. 

I took up running to keep of this mommy weight a few years ago and while I am not a great runner I do like my track and treadmill! Well the Ranger Rabbit   told me a few week ago he was going to run a Warrior Dash with some of his buddies he was been on a trail run, getting his time up to run muddy icky runs. So he conned me in to running a trail we hiked a the beginning of the summer. 

So this weekend we end up at the cabin to head out. 100% with a storm heading in, so bad that walking made me short of breath. Yet I was not going to chicken out, I kept thinking I am going to fall flat on my face and Ranger Rabbit will leave me in his dust and I am stuck. 

So yeah that is what did happen a mile in, I climb over a fallen tree since the last time we did this, and I fell, and hurt my hip, scrapped up my shin, and my wrist. I have no clue how I did not break my phone, since its on a fast path to die now that I want to keep it longer, as it was in my hand. 

My owie

I was very happy to see that beast of ‘burban!   I am so very glad we made it back in time to head out as a few miles down the road we ran in to a wall of hard rain.

I pulled over and made Ranger Rabbit drive I don’t like the bridge on nice sunny days!  But all and all I would try it when it was not so humid and crazy. 

I only did a 2 miles and it was very slow after I got hurt. 

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