So much for my lazy Sunday.


It all started with me Saturday ending quite happy with meeting up with old friends, and me coming home to do homework after the trio of twerps headed to bed, and me working up until 2 am. Ouch I am not so young that that is a good idea.  Then bad got icker after I went to crawl in to my nice soft bed and there are two of the twerps in MY BED in my spot. But so cute I could not move them. Hey guess what I will sleep in twerp threes bed.. yeah not so good.. I woke up with a stiff neck and my hip hurting .

That does not stop me from having a lazy day right?

I made a big batch of homemade laundry soap, washed and put laundry on the line, picked the garden, went to visit my Grandmother, and get my beef mom gave me for Christmas last year (its at my grandmothers as I did not get my freezer moved from her house in time) worked more on homework, played with the three Twerps, napped while they watched Transformers, cooked supper that was a great supper if I do say so and I need to right down what I tossed in to it and then see how fatting it was :/ but that will be for a different day. (ha)

The big thing was my running or that lack of. I have my 5k in 6 days now and I am running slower then EVER.. and I am not happy about it. I have always used the Jeff Galoway run/walk but it seems that I can’t keep a good rhythm breathing and after 60 seconds I am walking 😦  I have known idea w hat I need to do but as of tonight I am going to just treat this race as a fun run and now worry about anything other then getting across the line, and that scares the liver out of me.

This is also the last week Ranger Rabbit is at his current job, he’s been there 3 years almost and I never like change but he will not travel as much or if any with this new job, but still new everything.

The last weekend of July is going to be busy, the 5k in Louisville Ky, a RFD cookout, then Embroidery Mart, that is in Nashville. Then 1 Aug , twerps 2 and 3 start back to school! Eeeps I need to get a  move on to make sure we get it all done!

I will post pictures later of the soap and dried tomatoes that I have drying (did I forget to say I am drying tomatoes too? ) See told you it was a not so lazy Sunday!

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