It all comes out in the wash.


 I love making Laundry soap, this was my 2nd time a making it the 1st time I used this one, but I thought I would change it up a tad even if they are pretty much the same thing. This time this is what I used this 

I started out with Borax, we have been making slime so have I had it on hand, I got the Zote from big lots for .20 cents I think? its been a while and washing powder. I like Zote over the Fels Napa as I like pink an its has a small amount of smell. 

                                                           Grated up in my stock pot

                        Poor water in, to melt the soap and add in the borax and laundry powder.

It looks like slime:) when it gets cool it sets up like jello, but thats ok for how I use it. I keep that in a jug until I add it in to my laundry bottle and add more hot water when I am ready to use it. I don’t like to keep a lot of empty bottles around until its time to make more so I store and dilute as I need it. 
For my HE front load washer I use the middle line no a Tide bottle cap.
I have also made a dry mix but I like this better as I also use it a kinda of a shout stick too. 

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