I love summer, but….


I only ran 1 freaking mile last night as it was crazy hot. I am ready for it do drop a few degrees so I am not melting. other then that I have not done much of anything. Race on Saturday! eeps.


I love summer but not two blown tires in a 8 miles from the house! It’s been a classic day for Ranger Rabbit and I.  I was given a car for free, but the AC was out and I took it to my local shop as RR said eh was NOT going to work on it, 1k Later and a month its sparking like crazy to the point I did not feel safe for me to drive it to down.  Well we don’t believe in tow trucks out here in the ticks and RR said we would trailer it.  The 1st blow out I first thought we dropped a U-joint (yeah we do that often too) then no it was the trailer tire and oh my free car I was sure got torn up from the flying alligators on the road(trucker talk for blown tires) ugh… SO 1st time we don’t have a spare we call my mom to get the stuff we need. 4 miles.. yeah I can run that but today it was NOT happing with me walking.  That took us and hour to fix, and we get to the lot to drop of the Big Red, and blow yet that same tire.

It makes me glad we have great friends in town that helped out this time, because I don’t think I could ask mom to come save me once more as I don’t even wanna think.  We will get nice new 8 ply tire tomorrow and I dread how much this car is going to cost me this time… ugh.

After this I think we have put off building our rock crawler 😦

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