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Dare I ?


Do I dare put the boys back on the bus? I have no idea. ugh i have no idea…. 

I was told that everything would be fixed, and he would be on the correct bus. THere would be new things in place to make sure that nothing happened like this again. 

I cried buckets today while talking to the School Systems, but I have no idea on what I really need to do. It would be easy to for me to put them on the bus and get off a grandmother,as I do not see a way to get Danger Daughter home. I am now wondering why I put her in a this system vs keeping them together. 



Third Times a Charm? Ha! jokes on me


Today was the great day that 2 of my 3 heathens went back to that nice place called school, and heathen 1 had open enrollment at the high school.. so what better day for a mom who was ready to send them back. 

We started off at the high school and Dh takes the H2 and H3 to school, H1 and I go to the high school. I am so very impressed with this place, They give each kid a mac book pro! minus the $80 fee you pay for it but hey its a MACBOOK!  The system the boys are have a better teaching style but tech phobic in a bad way  its sad how they  have a resource and will not use it . H1 and I are very happy we moved her out of her home district and she knows about all 100 kids in the 9th grade 🙂

Now on to H2 and H3, well 3 is in kindergarden this year. I told them last night he needed to get off at the bus stop we used for years, but nope right bus driver WRONG bus number on  his tag. 1/2 a mile became a 2 hour night mare for this mom,  and at this time I am to tired to go in to all the screw ups this happened. They are put in my notebook to talk to the Super tomorrow. But I ended up driving 15 miles out of my way for MY KID, and there will be something done about it and the bus garage will be hell to pay. Don’t mess with momma .. But on to a 2nd thing that had bothered me other then there lack of planning  its 100+ degrees and they put kids on busses for 2+ hours with no water. 

I might be more nagging on this but  my poor little H3 only has on kidney, and I would never dream about sending him out w/o water for 2 hours. I am very mad over this more so they messed. 

I forget most people don’t know I was told he would not make the 30 min drive to a bigger nicu, I forget that people have no clue what it is like to bury a son after a traumatic birth. They think I am the crazy mother who his a helicopter mom. Yes I expect my kids to be taken care of as well or better then I do and I really think the school system should be that way.

But really they got H1 on the 1st day of school ok and H2 the same but come on really H3, mess that one up and this mom had this sick feeling only a handful of times since being a mom 15 years ago, and yep the death of John Bryant and the month long NICU fight H3 had and the scares he carries today from it. Yet I still think everyone should know how special he is. Heathen 2 got off the right bus and at this time I KNOW there is something up as no heathen 3, he is just bawling that they would not let him check on his brother, he cried most of the 2 hours of this and I know I did.  

I doubt I make it tomorrow with out bawling, but thats ok tomorrow I am going to be responsible for my kids and not trust the bus garage when I call to see how it can be changed for the better and I get a “just deal” with it.  He has no clue what momma can do when she has to “deal” with it. 

The bus driver routes are new, and there was a meeting but they did not “have” to go to and the did not “have” to go to open house so the parents could meet them, come on they drive my kids , my life around . Is it a bother there is a kinda of a Master List of kids to make sure ? 

I called the bus garage and they told me everything would be ok, before today. I don’t trust them as far as I could throw them. 


I will show them how I deal with it,