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Spinning has long been my zen. I need it now. I bow to all parents who homeschool. I am not that parent. It never bothered me to push those kids to the bus..I need my time alone as much as they need to be in school!

I needed this badly, any other craft I enjoy takes more brain power then I can come up with.

So out come the spinning wheel and roving. I forget how much it calms me.. There is something about the wool sliding between my fingers and the rhythm of the treadles . I need this and so far pleased.




Ouch my Fingers.


In 3 days time I have spun 3 batts. I have not plyed yet but I am having a ball. I think W will end up being my fiber nutty boy. Every time I get up he wants to set down and is pedal. Pedal momma. he is a cute kid if I do say so myself.

I still never got Simon, the wrap. Its been over a month and the lady I got him from has been very slow about responding. Booo… Ikd I guess that has done it for buying off open fourms. OH well it to it awhile to get bit blech… sucks. Idk if it was her or the post.

Rain Rain

What weather we have had this last few days. It was so pretty over the weekend! Now its rain, and cold weather. Bech, I am ready for spring and flower and nice outside weather.

The boys are stopped up with some congestion, poor dudes. I hate it when they are not well.

B, got hurt at work yesterday and took off today as the doc put him on light duty, there is not much he can do in a Diesel shop. So he and Dad are out looking at old tractors to restore. Great that is always fun when they get something like this going. My food bill goes so much higher as I am now cooking for 6 people, then gas for the running that I do. We need spray paint is the favorite saying.

Today is also 3 weeks to the day I had ordered Simon from a lady in Canada. My pretty pretty spring wrap is someplace in the mail system! I am going to give it until Friday before I get to upset over it all. I did get my Cocoa/Almond Garisol wrap yesterday. He is not the prettiest thing I have seen, but Cola loves it. I wore him for a good while today. I would have gotten pic’s but B took it today.

I also got Roak’ed by a friend w/ some batts! I was so surprised that someone would care about me. It was a good mail day yesterday. I ordered the same batt and it came to. I am ready to get them spun up.

I did also find a Mother/ Daughter team that was going to open a LYS here! I am so excited that I will have a local place to shop. They also spin too! I know I am going to pick their Brains.