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Spring is here

Spring is here

The last few days have been so crazy. It’s time to plant and play! So my life is on hold for a few weeks.

The brother who runs our family farm calls on mom and I to be gopher girls. Go got this go for that get this and that don’t forget this. I have been doing this since I got my first 3 wheeler years ago! And it’s the one job I do love with my hart. I am a county gal!

Middle monster is a baseball freak, and to get him in a no scary aka teach them the right way I am driving a lot…and watching a lot of baseball! Not that I mind….but the 30 mins drive one way 3 times a week is getting old

The biggest is in to trap and .22 rifles so that more going but I really love shot guns and rifles…

Poor little monster is left out. But that’s ok for now but the bigger kids were doing things ..

I hope I have time to put a garden out!