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Spring is here

Spring is here

The last few days have been so crazy. It’s time to plant and play! So my life is on hold for a few weeks.

The brother who runs our family farm calls on mom and I to be gopher girls. Go got this go for that get this and that don’t forget this. I have been doing this since I got my first 3 wheeler years ago! And it’s the one job I do love with my hart. I am a county gal!

Middle monster is a baseball freak, and to get him in a no scary aka teach them the right way I am driving a lot…and watching a lot of baseball! Not that I mind….but the 30 mins drive one way 3 times a week is getting old

The biggest is in to trap and .22 rifles so that more going but I really love shot guns and rifles…

Poor little monster is left out. But that’s ok for now but the bigger kids were doing things ..

I hope I have time to put a garden out!






Today we start week two of spring break.. or as the boys would say “let’s ask mom a million questions she has no clue about.”

Mother can I wear this Turkey Hunting as he is pretty much camo’ed out.

Mother can I eat spaghetti o’s with hot sauce (yep he’s mine)

Mother can you play plants vs zombies?

Mother what do you see me playing with most this week.

Mother why does dogs eat bubbles? But don’t like Bubble baths? (she is a beagle and they are just strange)

Boys go out side and play. Why Mother is nice inside and we are vampires we will burn…(yet they had garlic bread with spaghetti O’s )

Mother, Who invented the car?

Mother how do you say Aluminum like British say it?

Mother C is eating bubbles.

Mother W is blinding me with bubbles.

Mother can we be the Stig when we grow up?

This is just as small sample of what I have heard today…. but the most annoying thing is Mother.. I can do mom, mommy, mum or heck they even call me by my given name and it would not bother me as much as Mother!


This week my main WIP has been trying to get the Middle Heathen well. So there has not been much anything going on.

I have been working on my Radio Way quilt at my kitchen table, and that is NOT my favorite place to sew by a long shot. I have friends who only use the dinning table, but I hate pulling and putting things up. ┬áSo this is on my Featherweight vs my new Pfaff, as I don’t want to go to the shop and have the Middle Heathen to get my fragile dad sick. As of now its not been too bad dealing with the pull out yay fun and clean up… eww.


I can not believe I have not knit or spun ANYTHING in a week.. You know it’s bad in my house when I set down and not have something going. I have a pair of socks that need the toes closed, and a scarf that needs ends woven, then the never ending blanket I will post when I have time to pull it all out