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April Showers… wait. May Showers.


My poor yard is needing a good mowing. I seem to only get bits done at a time… Now I have a few different heights trying to mow it for the last three weeks! I think I am going to get a goat or 3 just to keep it down!

I love to mow, I never have minded the sticky grass, dust and heat while I am mowing. Mind you when it gets colder in the fall its Ranger Rabbits job!  I just wish I could get all 4 acres done at once! I had to stop last night as I needed a mower with 4×4 as I kept sliding and getting stuck, thinking I would get my parents bigger mower to finish up. I hear rain as soon as I wake up and its was UGH my yard still did not finish mowing it dang rain.

Also my garden as been worked up but I don’t have the 1st plant in it.. I am going to have to break the top crust I am sure when and if I get to a garden. I hate not to have one but at this point I wonder if it is worth trying.