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My Pfaff…


I want to really love her, yet I find my self very angry when I set down to sew. There is always something that is not right and I have to fiddle with. It all seems bobbin issues. I don’t know why but that is what my gut is telling me.

It makes a brief grinding sound after I power it on and when I start taking the first few stitches, then nothing until then I turn it off and back on. Then I really don’t dig the drop in bobbin, I have always used a bobbin case.

Yesterday I kept getting a motor locked issues wait until this goes away to sew type thing, But It never would pick up and sew. I think Ok I will take it back to my Pfaff Dealer and let her look, but 1st I run it by mom.. yeah mom who knows everything about machines in my eyes. Of course it sews … so I did not take it in but drove out and the lady keeps telling me I am threading it wrong. That I need to make sure my presser food is up.. Yea lady I know this I DO know a little about machines, and they are NOT like my Embroidery machine. I am no closer to getting to why its being funky

I have falling back in love with my Singer Featherweight in the mean time other then it wanting to unthread, its doing everything I need. Since I have been on a quilting kick.

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AQS Paducah


It’s pretty much in the back yard, but it’s not something I do every year. After a year or two of not going I get the itch to go. So yesterday we loaded up the truck and started the two hour drive.  It was Mom, Aunt , Sis and I in the driver seat.

You know it’s going to be a day when you get to the Interstate 24 and it’s pretty much on freaking lane from the time you get on to the time you get there. I have not ever seen so much paving and on and off work zones! So an easy fast 2 hour drive turns in to one lane suck behind a man that only drove 45. Yes I could have gotten off and going back roads but that is also a gamble too. It would have started as a nice 4 line then turn in to a horrible road.

I pull up in to Paducah in a way that I never get in while that was pretty nice, not dealing with so much traffic and I parked in a insurance lot and paid a good bit but it was worth every penny it was across the street and you had real restrooms they let you use with water and coffee!

We get in line to pay, and that drags on for EVER. It always surprises me as I stand in line and people watch. I am a minority here, I do have *some* gray but I am 30 years younger then most of the ladies. I am not wearing Red Hat or some other old lady gaudy git up.. no I so not want to wear over quilted and embroidered  outfits. At this point I looked at my sister and say smack me if I do something like that. 

We pay to get in to the show, as we walk in I am beat up with in a 100 feet down the 1st isle either by a HUGE bag that has no place on a trade show, or a jazzy running over me, or a cane smack to keep me from getting to close to a table she wanted to go to.. Wow what rude people. You could not stir them with their canes! 

I did get to get my pork chop from Patti’s … I love this place and they had a mobile truck at the show. OUCH for the $6 sandwich but I love them and the old blue hairs pretty much could not chew it!

After lunch they needed to go nap I guess as it was time for me to really go look at Long Arm quilting machines.. wee… by the time I had played with many I know what I want, and my sister knows what she wants… yep as sister go we don’t want the same one. We are not ready to buy so we  have a while to hash it out.  We did agree the machine we wanted to love we really did not want at all. 

The best part of the day was stopping by my friends booth Purple Daisies.  She and her mom are just awesome at pretty much everything. One day I will make it to see her more then a moment while she is so busy.

Over all its was good AFER lunch, I found the quilting machine I want and there was NOT very  many modern quilting outlets/vendors. I found that disappointing. I am not all about browns and calico prints… *yack*

Will I go back next year, it’s too soon to tell. I can tell you I will not start from home and drive home I will stop at our lake house and do it up over a few days vs cramming it in one!

Time Fly’s


You’ed think I would have time to set down have a moments peace. To put some of the thoughts that keep running around in my head to pen. Alas not! All last week as a mad dash to clean and clean and yet more cleaning to have the Mother In Law down… *sigh* 

It really does not help that Ranger Rabbit was not wanting her to come either. She is a NON crafter , and everything thing is always about how it’s at home or something she has done.  We took her to a local thrift mall and she was oh this is way too much and its not that high at home.. This place by reason of the other places I think are cheap by the way and Ranger Rabbit and I like to go and just look on Sunday after noons, but now I am sure she has ruined it for me.  The we went to a more upscale recycle place.. I adore Mrs Lucille’s I don’t ever buy too much but the creative vibe gets me in to the mood of doing something with Fiber/Fabric or something… she walked around as a buzz kill the whole time, I don’t know how you can be so mad with all the bright colored dressers and the funky dishes 

But before that Ranger Rabbit and I went with the Littlest Monster to his Kindergarden Field trip. that was so much fun to have just 3 of us. As the baby he pretty much gets the shaft when one on one time with both parents. It was just a nice fun day with the boys. I don’t really care for the zoo aka I have been doing this trip with the school for 5 years now LOL but the time together was the best. 


I have a few wip’s from fiber to fabric to

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Photos of cleaning out my poor DTG printer its been way too long since I clean it. Then a bag for a customer. I have always been intrigued by Adems Tn, and now I want to find some good books over the Bell Witch! I love a good haunting. If you ask my brother he will never go back to that farm and spead lime/litter as he said everything that could go haywire did and even a few things like running a huge floater tire off a rim … but still that was him!

The 9 patch was pieced by my 100 year old great grandmother, about 25 years ago , she was 103 when she passed and quilted to the very end but from around 95-100 she only did blocks.

Dresden plates where done by her mother and my grandmother and I have very gently cleaned them an going to set them some how I love them so. My grandmother passed away many years before her mother. At that time I did not ever under stand when she told me kids should not go before the parent. My grand mother was 67 at the time, of her passing.  Only after John Bryant did I ever really think about what she said.

On a happy note, 484 yards of a dk’ih weight yarn I was spinning on earlier this month