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AQS Paducah


It’s pretty much in the back yard, but it’s not something I do every year. After a year or two of not going I get the itch to go. So yesterday we loaded up the truck and started the two hour drive.  It was Mom, Aunt , Sis and I in the driver seat.

You know it’s going to be a day when you get to the Interstate 24 and it’s pretty much on freaking lane from the time you get on to the time you get there. I have not ever seen so much paving and on and off work zones! So an easy fast 2 hour drive turns in to one lane suck behind a man that only drove 45. Yes I could have gotten off and going back roads but that is also a gamble too. It would have started as a nice 4 line then turn in to a horrible road.

I pull up in to Paducah in a way that I never get in while that was pretty nice, not dealing with so much traffic and I parked in a insurance lot and paid a good bit but it was worth every penny it was across the street and you had real restrooms they let you use with water and coffee!

We get in line to pay, and that drags on for EVER. It always surprises me as I stand in line and people watch. I am a minority here, I do have *some* gray but I am 30 years younger then most of the ladies. I am not wearing Red Hat or some other old lady gaudy git up.. no I so not want to wear over quilted and embroidered  outfits. At this point I looked at my sister and say smack me if I do something like that. 

We pay to get in to the show, as we walk in I am beat up with in a 100 feet down the 1st isle either by a HUGE bag that has no place on a trade show, or a jazzy running over me, or a cane smack to keep me from getting to close to a table she wanted to go to.. Wow what rude people. You could not stir them with their canes! 

I did get to get my pork chop from Patti’s … I love this place and they had a mobile truck at the show. OUCH for the $6 sandwich but I love them and the old blue hairs pretty much could not chew it!

After lunch they needed to go nap I guess as it was time for me to really go look at Long Arm quilting machines.. wee… by the time I had played with many I know what I want, and my sister knows what she wants… yep as sister go we don’t want the same one. We are not ready to buy so we  have a while to hash it out.  We did agree the machine we wanted to love we really did not want at all. 

The best part of the day was stopping by my friends booth Purple Daisies.  She and her mom are just awesome at pretty much everything. One day I will make it to see her more then a moment while she is so busy.

Over all its was good AFER lunch, I found the quilting machine I want and there was NOT very  many modern quilting outlets/vendors. I found that disappointing. I am not all about browns and calico prints… *yack*

Will I go back next year, it’s too soon to tell. I can tell you I will not start from home and drive home I will stop at our lake house and do it up over a few days vs cramming it in one!


This week my main WIP has been trying to get the Middle Heathen well. So there has not been much anything going on.

I have been working on my Radio Way quilt at my kitchen table, and that is NOT my favorite place to sew by a long shot. I have friends who only use the dinning table, but I hate pulling and putting things up.  So this is on my Featherweight vs my new Pfaff, as I don’t want to go to the shop and have the Middle Heathen to get my fragile dad sick. As of now its not been too bad dealing with the pull out yay fun and clean up… eww.


I can not believe I have not knit or spun ANYTHING in a week.. You know it’s bad in my house when I set down and not have something going. I have a pair of socks that need the toes closed, and a scarf that needs ends woven, then the never ending blanket I will post when I have time to pull it all out