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Finished it Friday


I started out making a charm skirt for my niece who is 4.. it fits my 14 year old. Boo. I wanted to cry when I saw it last night… Knowing that I had no one to wear it blach.. SO I get up today and the 14 DD goes MOM this skirt is SO cool can I have it?  What  what? you want something I MADE? the only thing she ever wants is hand knit socks and she would always snub anything I made when she was small, it was not from Limited TOO, Justice or some other kid store I fought her for Gymboree .. but today here is my teen wanting a skirt a made, even if she was NOT in mind when I started out on it.

Oh it’s the small things that can make a parent happy, as in my experience as a mom to a teen you never know what she is going to be like!


Sorry for the crappy Iphone pic at 12 pm I was excited and now its raining.