Monthly Archives: April 2008

Day all about me (mostly)


So I did take E to soccer today, but I had a mission too. Yarn, I must see what the new yarn store was all about. Oh, I am in love and they are not really open yet. Enchanted Yarn & Fiber well they are enchanting people. I had a really great morning with them and yet I was only there this morning I am ready to go back. Ashley and RoLynn are some of the nicest people I have met! You truly feel at home and like they are great old friends talking to them! Even Emily had a great time playing with the kids! She wanted to go back tomorrow! LOL

So talking them I was almost late for my 2nd me date of the day. My great kiddos gave me a facial for Christmas and I used that today.. oh that was heaven to lay down and not have to move or think… speak even oh it was so relaxing.

Then I come home, LOL Dh and Dad went to Hop’town (Hopkinsville)and I had my part of the calf just stuffed in my freezers. I got to resort it all has my stuff that I use was on the very bottom and my ground beef was in the freezer out side. ugh men LOL

All and all I had a every good day.


Rain, and what can it be MORE?


What is it with the rain this year? I have no clue but I am kinda tired of it. I am so depressed to see it. I know we really do need it but man.

My leg still hurts like the devil and I have not heard anything from my doc or the ins if they will pay for surgery. The longer I think about it I am so not gun oh on it. I will wait out for a while longer, but I will be looking in to other things.

Sleep? Will I ever have any?


Man, I love C to bits but he is killing me! I need sleep!!!! The dude never goes down or if he is I have W or E to worry with. He is up a 1:30 ready to go. Heaven for bit him that I move out of his line of site. His screams would wake up the whole County.

He is so sweet in the day, sill no sleep but a good kid. Why does he have to be this monster?!?

On the fiber front I have done thats been worth to talk about, oh I have done a bit of things…but they have been frogged. wonder why, you ask I don’t have two brain cells that can funtion!