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I really have a thing for this show.  I need this needle gauge, and this cookie cutter .. I could exterminate a few cookies!

The kids would LOVE this neckless They go around saying this to me if I don’t answer them in the time they think.

I really do enjoy the old and new versions of this and my kids just roll their eyes as I put one on Netflix, but hey what is a person to do when they only have game shows on TV and taken off all soaps.


Finished it Friday


I started out making a charm skirt for my niece who is 4.. it fits my 14 year old. Boo. I wanted to cry when I saw it last night… Knowing that I had no one to wear it blach.. SO I get up today and the 14 DD goes MOM this skirt is SO cool can I have it?  What  what? you want something I MADE? the only thing she ever wants is hand knit socks and she would always snub anything I made when she was small, it was not from Limited TOO, Justice or some other kid store I fought her for Gymboree .. but today here is my teen wanting a skirt a made, even if she was NOT in mind when I started out on it.

Oh it’s the small things that can make a parent happy, as in my experience as a mom to a teen you never know what she is going to be like!


Sorry for the crappy Iphone pic at 12 pm I was excited and now its raining.


I love anything hexagon, I have a quilt , Grandmothers Garden that was worked on by two great grandmothers and a grandmother. Both sides of my family worked on it, and its the one of the OMG we have to get before XYZ happens to the house. I love that quilt so much. One day I will pull it out of the trunk to show blogland but as of today its too dang cold! What is up with it being 32 at the end of March, I am ready to get out side and in the dirt.

So I am looking on pintrest and I found a kit by I Hart Tula Pink,  went to the site , ordered and have been hooked 2013-02-23 11.47.04 2013-03-04 17.16.41 2013-03-23 12.44.28

I have been taking knitting to baseball and I know what has happened but I just don’t have the mojo I once had so this little hexi fits my bill , the Ranger Rabbit is not happy that I stole a tool box , but I am looking for something funky and cute but not found it yet.


This week my main WIP has been trying to get the Middle Heathen well. So there has not been much anything going on.

I have been working on my Radio Way quilt at my kitchen table, and that is NOT my favorite place to sew by a long shot. I have friends who only use the dinning table, but I hate pulling and putting things up.  So this is on my Featherweight vs my new Pfaff, as I don’t want to go to the shop and have the Middle Heathen to get my fragile dad sick. As of now its not been too bad dealing with the pull out yay fun and clean up… eww.


I can not believe I have not knit or spun ANYTHING in a week.. You know it’s bad in my house when I set down and not have something going. I have a pair of socks that need the toes closed, and a scarf that needs ends woven, then the never ending blanket I will post when I have time to pull it all out

Being a Good Mother.


If I see one more gooey pink eyed child I might implode and stab my self.  I do love the little humans that are housing that goop, but man after a few school nurse calls and a few days home I am ready for the heathen’s to get better! aka back in school!

I will not ever say we passed the worst of it, when the flu was in full force it was “My kids never get sick” and I was so smug… yep it bit me in the arse. Baby heathen was the 1st to come in with it.  His classmates 4 of 15 had it, dirty little kindergartners! So that landed him a few days at home with mom. Being a good brother he gave it to the Middle Heathen, he does not do sick as well as the others.. when he is sick he is SICK even with this gooey pink eye.

I can tell today he is on the upswing. Mother why does the Pope? Mother how is the White House still standing? Mother what is up with this music  Mother… Mother.. he only uses Mother when he is asking a question. I am glad it is nothing major that is wrong with my Heathens but really I do love their school time. It gives me a bit to recoup and get ready for the on slot of questions they seem to think of. 

The other think is I am missing my weekly grown up knitting in public at our local Starbucks! Knitting, Coffee and some of my best friends I have. How I miss the today! I really need that coffee and knitting time after being cooped up in this house since last Wednesday! Yes that right there with out the sick Heathens makes me a good mother.

Ranger Rabbit does not get this at all. I am the Mother I should be happy not to have a “job” out side of the house and get the freedom to stay at home and take care of the Heathens and I do I really love this set up, yet being stuck in this house with the fear that I will infect myself with Pink Eye makes me a tad like a long tail cat in a room full rockers. 

Maybe I can set middle heathen up with a movie or a game and I slink off to my room and knit or spin but I doubt it as he seem to always be close going Mother why, who ,how, what is, can I. 

How I sew.

The Tilted Quilt meet My Machine Linky Party



I have two machines right now a Pfaff Ambition 1.5 I have played with her for a bit but nothing to say how much performance, I learned on a Pfaff 1222E and that is what I wanted yet they are going for much more then I wanted to spend on a 30 year old machine.

The other is my Singer Featherweight, she is a dream to sew on I adore the vintage look of her and knowing that with only one stitch I am not having to remember any settings the next time I have to set down.


I also have 7 embroidery heads. A 6 head and a single head, I will tell anyone who asks I am by far more at ease with my massive 6 head machine vs anything.

My Embroidery is housed in a 40×60 shop that I told my dad years ago I was going to take over. Pre sewing or embroidery even!  I have a few random sewing machines housed there but I don’t use them or have photos to show right now. The singer pretty much lives in my house because its so small and I live in a oh so small house with kids, pets and a big man child. Image

Buying bobbins like this has spoiled me! I hate winding bobbins, I love just to pop in a new one.

If I could have any machine today I would love to have a Long Arm Machine, I don’t see it this year though unless I sell of something.

When the Girl goes off to Collage in a few years… 3… yeah her room is MINE 😛 poor boys will still have to share, I really do want my own space IN my house, there is nothing that puts a damper on anything that you leave the house at 1 am to drive a mile to sew!