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Spinning has long been my zen. I need it now. I bow to all parents who homeschool. I am not that parent. It never bothered me to push those kids to the bus..I need my time alone as much as they need to be in school!

I needed this badly, any other craft I enjoy takes more brain power then I can come up with.

So out come the spinning wheel and roving. I forget how much it calms me.. There is something about the wool sliding between my fingers and the rhythm of the treadles . I need this and so far pleased.




Yay, Good Mail Day.


So today was a pretty good mail day.

I got mine… er Cole’s newest Wild Child Woolies Soaker.

I also got my undyed yarn woohoo… can we guess what I am doing tomorrow. I open the on line store Monday and have not done anything I feel like a looser over it.
And an Email that said my Rose is on her way to me! She is state side! woohoo !!! Now if my wrap would show up that would be great.

Tara, sent me this link from the local paper… it was to good not to pass on. Now do I leave it up for B to read.. hahah.

BOTH boys got up at 2am.. what was up with that?!? Wy, I guess got up to go potty but was ready to play and not go back down after. He managed to get me and B up he kinda roamed the house. Poor Cole can’t breath with the funk he still had so he was up in the Babyhawk most of the night, meaning I have walked the house.

I kinda feel like I am leaving Emily out in everything. She is on me to buy her a Ladybug to learn to spin on. How cool is that. She is a good kid. She is doing Soccer at the Parks and Rec and having a ball doing it. I need to get some pic’s of her playing she is so little compared to the rest of the kids.

I did weigh myself woohoo 8lbs in 4 wks. I am excited over that still have a way to go but hey that is a start.